[NoDevFee] How to disable DevFee (commission) in the Miner

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7 Responses

  1. TommY says:

    Installed, tested a day. The number of mined shares increased by 1-3%. Although this is niochem, but the toad is happy)

  2. MC_DANIEL says:

    Thank you! At first I thought that it does not work, but after 24 hours the growth of the shares became obvious.
    I’m afraid to update the miner now)

  3. JamCo says:

    Many thanks! The software works fine, now all shares are coming to me)

  4. Hornymangol says:

    fuck off devfee, hello several pints of beer!Have +5%for me. it s about 0.006 per day for me

  5. Victorhish says:

    After applying the patch, the coins stopped falling on the wallet of the exchange. Just disappeared somewhere.
    Draw conclusions.

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